Grant Opportunities

My friend Susie Posner Jones who is the Regional Partnership Coordinator for Franklin-Grand Isle Community Partnership is going to be hosting members from the Vermont Community Foundation on Friday, June 6. They are meeting with lots of local organizations to introduce themselves and in particular have planned a meeting with the local arts community that day at 3:00 at the Staart Gallery in St. Albans. The steward that is coming is interested in the art and cultural heritage community for projects they may like to fund. It is a good opportunity to learn more about VCF and the different grant rounds as well as putting the art community of Franklin County on their map!

They are visiting to educate the community about VCF – the organization and the grant making. They are hoping to get some information from local artists about:
-What is attractive to you as an artist in Franklin County?
-What are the challenges of being an artist in FC?
-What is the network for artists in FC; support? Fundraising? Etc.?
-How does the art community impact the larger economic development of FC?

This meeting is open to all local artists and arts organizations. This is a very informal discussion – they are just looking to sit down and get to know Franklin County and vice versa. And hey, if they're looking for ways to give out money, it can't hurt to find out about that!

So Friday, June 6, 3:00 at Staart. Hope to see you there!

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