Featured Artist: Colleen Yandow

The combination of Colleen's natural subjects with the canvas printing technique makes her photographs look more like paintings. The bold colors and textured of the canvas make her images jump off the wall. See Colleen's work here.

Colleen's bio:
Colleen Yandow is a graphic designer at Messenger Print & Design in St. Albans as well as a licensed massage therapist. Her canvas-printed photography blends both of these worlds as they contain both graphic and meditative elements. Colleen has been an inspired artist since grade school. “Picking up a camera is a natural instinct,” she says. She can see a photograph in everything she sees. “If it’s frame-able, it’s my subject.” Colleen loves learning so she’ll try any other medium she can get her hands on. Discovering a new technique is part of the creative process. Colleen also enjoys kayaking, hiking, yoga, painting and gardening.

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