The Grand Opening

What a night! Yesterday was a busy and exciting day with our official grand opening and reception last night. Thanks to the hundreds of folks who came through yesterday and offered so much praise and support. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves as much as I did! And thanks to all of our wonderful artists who have so much talent on display. It's great to see a variety of ages, experience, and styles all in one room. There's something for everyone on the Staart Gallery walls. Check out some photos from the evening…(I remembered I was a photographer last night!)

The walls are full of artwork ranging from photography to watercolor with a lot in between…

Lots of food and wine…

Good conversation…

A crowded room at times…

Artists connect…

Winding down…


All access

Don't forget, mark your calendars for the Grand Opening this Saturday. We'll be open all day, but the festivities will occur during the reception from 6:00 to 9:00 pm. There will be food and wine and raffle prizes. Here's the list of featured artists that will be displaying work for the Grand Opening. A few more may sign up before then too!

Denise Beers
Shanley Triggs
Jennifer Steinmetz
Harald Aksdal
Bill Whitney
Suzanne Kenyon
Stacey Loiselle
Ron Peltier
Mary Anne Godin
Vitaly Garanzha
Stina Plant
Marcin Kropiewnicki
Patrick Coffey
Colleen Yandow
Marc Choiniere


Upcoming Grand Opening

I'm busily preparing for the upcoming GRAND OPENING on Saturday, September 29. The celebration will be an all day event with a formal reception from 6 - 9 pm. Several artists have already signed up, but we are still looking for more. Anyone interested in having their work up for the grand opening should contact me (Stina) by the 23rd at staartgallery@gmail.com or 524-5700. The first rental period is a great one to hit because it not only covers the grand opening, but goes through the holiday shopping season too. We sold two works during our open house already!


Open for Business

Yesterday we held a very successful open house to introduce the public and the artists to the gallery. We had lots of visitors who enjoyed the music and some refreshments as well as the art. We're off to a great start with two works already sold! In the hustle and bustle of the day, however, I forgot to takes some photos of the crowd! Something to remember for the grand opening…September 29, just a few weeks away. We'll still be open until then during our regular business hours. Stop by!

Celebrate St. Albans

On behalf of the St. Albans Artists Guild, I was in the park yesterday briefly to do a demonstration for all the kiddies. We made sun prints which turned out really well. The prints are currently hanging up in the gallery window so that the public can view the kids artwork. Come check it out!

Where'd she go?

Yes, I was MIA last week. Probably bad timing for a vacation, but it was scheduled long before the gallery was a twinkle in my eye and as I quickly found out it was a much needed rest. We made our annual pilgrimage to the Finger Lakes in New York to taste yummy wines. How can you not enjoy that?!