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Art at the Farmers Market

Four members of the Saint Albans Artists' Guild have joined forces and will be presenting their artwork on Saturday’s in Taylor Park at the Farmer’s Market in St. Albans.

Art at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday’s will include affordable art work by photographer, Robert Chaperon, Jr. who will present his Sensation of Nature photos and prints. Artist, Paule Gingras will have paintings in watercolor and acrylic along with prints and cards, Meta Strick , specializes in mixed media, with paintings on canvas, wood, cards & more. And Karen Day-Vath who works in both acrylics and oils will have original paintings on canvas and paper along with cards and painted slate.

The four artists will be alternating on Saturday’s starting this Saturday May 30, and each week there will be a different artist showing with different work.



It wasn't that long ago that I was turned onto the Vermont Art Zine, a blog dedicated to reviewing all things art going on in the Green Mountain state. During our last reception I was thrilled that one of it's founders, Marc Awodey, who is also a reviewer for Seven Days, had stopped by to check us out. He just posted a great review which you can read here! While you're at it, you should subscribe to Vermont Art Zine because there is a constantly fresh batch of articles on new shows and galleries. 


Mary Ann showing at Emile Gruppe

May 18, 2009 
Emile Gruppe Exhibit

Gruppe acceptance list: Thirty-one out of 48 artists' paintings were accepted. Congratulations all!

Kathleen Berry Bergeron, Abundance
Mary Ann Godin, Ironstone Pitcher on Parlor Cloth
Nancy Stone, Sonata Glow
Penny Moore, Stormy Cosmos
Cheryl Johnson, Country Colors
Robert O'Brien, Leaf Shadows
Patricia Lipinski, Reflections
Beatrice Jillette, Winter Trail
Grace Ellis, Lily Pond Star
Gary Eckart, Winter Gardens
Kristen Chamberlain, Sugaring Time
Diana Dunn, Mother's Day
Doris Ingram, Along Rte 100
Nancy Aitken Ball, Reminiscence
Diane Bell, Ellery's Porch
Harry Dayton, Crows in the Corn
Lisa Forster Beach, Spring by the River
Patrick Kennedy, Fall Snow Storm
Judson Pealer, Island's Edge
Sandra Pealer, Within and Without
Louisa Pfaelzer, Pansy Spring
Claudia Carl, Fruit Bowl
Jan Avery, Near the Pond
Laurence Coffin, Tulips
Lyn DuMoulin, Goshen House
Mark Nielsen, Holyoke Alley
Theresa Somerset, Little Thief
Karen L. Casper, Church Street
Terry Hodgdon, Budding Artist
Annelein Beukenkamp, The Conversation
Suzanne Clark, Flower-Power

Opening Reception: Sunday, May 31, 2009, 6 - 8 pm.


Tinka Martell

Tinka Theresa Martell 
Everything I see in my world filters into my work as an artist: landscapes, clouds, the composition of my stone walls, arrangements of special items on a shelf.

I work with several media - wood, paper, canvas. I also use many recycled and found objects. Mostly, I enjoy working with small scale collage, especially playing with copper leaf and ink. My large scale works are often three dimensional, and my medium varies.

In the past I have incorporated bold colors, using lots of black to define my shapes. I create large asymmetrical compositions, adding hammered copper plate to imply a solid feeling. Now I gravitate to layers of soft muted colors blending paint or wash until I sense the mood is achieved.

My home and studio are in Fairfax, Vermont. I have been working as an artist for twenty years. I have shown my work in New Mexico, New England and recently been accepted in online galleries from Massachusetts to Toronto, Canada.


John Mannion

John Wesley Mannion 

Through a broad range of approaches, John Wesley Mannion examines the relationship between the human condition and authenticity of perception. Limrick consists of beautifully decayed Polaroid imagery revealing the relationship between Limerick Power, one of the Northeast’s largest nuclear power plants, and the adjacent abandoned canal lock community known as Frick’s Locke.

Mannion is currently the Digital Imaging Manager at Light Work/Community Darkrooms in Syracuse, NY and teaches digital photography at the College of Visual and Performing Arts at Syracuse University. John has an MFA in photography and has exhibited both nationally and internationally including the Everson Museum of Art, Munson Williams Proctor Museum of Art, Soundnetwork Manchester UK, and most recently the Griffin Museum of Photography in Winchester, MA Upcoming exhibitions Include the Cazanovia Art Park, and the Schweinfurth Memorial Art museum in Auburn NY.


Chad Jenkins

Chad Jenkins
Chad Jenkins was born and raised in St. Albans, Vermont and works full time for the Vermont Army National Guard. He became interested in photography back in 2000 when he went to Belize, Central America as a “Tripod Bearer” with the Public Affairs Detachment, but ended up taking thousands of photos. Aside from photography, his hobbies include traveling, gardening and pushing his British antique car around. He also plays the trumpet in several local bands as well as the 40th Army Band.

Chad graduated from Vermont Technical College in Landscape Design and Ornamental Horticulture. He uses this background to influence his photographic style. Chad lives in St. Albans with his wife, Kristine, and their daughter Maya. Chad would like to get into adventure travel and photography, but living with a 2 year old is adventure enough.