Who says there's nothing to do in St. Albans?!

Last night was a successful evening for our five featured artists who drew another large crowd to the gallery. There was standing room only for the 75+ guests who came to appreciate the artwork of Louise Bellows Counos, Mary Ann Godin, Suzanne Kenyon, Ronald Peltier and Jeremy Read. Each artist was present and was introduced publicly to the guests to give them the opportunity to answer questions and receive feedback.

Thanks to St. Albans' public access Channel 15/16 who sent cameraman Steve Jackson to interview each artist as well. Their program does a great service to the community. I can't wait to see what he puts together!

Next time I'll have to hire a photographer to get some photos as it seems I'm too busy to remember to take enough. It was a fun night (and a profitable one for some!). Sometimes it's just great to have good company and good conversation. As a fellow artist put it today, "I felt like I was back in SoHo!"

The other artists currently on display will be featured during our March 14 reception, so mark your calendars now.


Get Out of the House!

Well, the holidays are over and I'm sure everyone is well-underway in carrying out their New Year's resolutions. We have a few events planned in the next couple of weeks to highlight some of our artists here at STAART. 

On Friday, January 25, from 7-9 pm we have an artist reception to spotlight Mary Ann Godin, Louise Counos, Ron Peltier, Suzanne Kenyon, and Jeremy Read. 

The following Thursday, January 31, we wrap up the month with the closing reception for our January BFA student artists from 5-7 pm. Student artists include Autumn Parry, Robert Martell, Rachael Shepardson-Rudden, and Emily Billings. 

 "Bottle Project" Emily Billings

"Freedom" Suzanne Kenyon

Please join us for both events! 

The County Courier spiced up the press release I sent out nicely so I'll provide a link to that. Stay tuned for some jewelry events and the start of a new series of figure drawing sessions in February.