Featured Artist: Robert Chaperon Jr.

Robert has taken a hobbyist's interest and turned it into an avid artistic pursuit. See his work on display in the Staart store or visit his personal website for more samples of his work.

Robert's bio:
Born in Texas, Robert has been a Swanton resident since 1970. He went to high school at MVU, studied electrical engineering at UVM and is currently employed at IBM. Robert’s interest in photography started in 2003, when he started hiking the many trails in Vermont and New York. Awakened by the natural beauty that nature presents, he felt a sensation within that he wanted to share with others through photography. Sensations such as the cool spray of a waterfall splashing one’s face on a hot summer day, standing on a mountain top observing the colors and reflections of the sun setting over a lake in the west, or turning around and seeing the mountain shadow form a peak stretching its way towards the full moon rising in the east. Bob’s photography knowledge comes from reading many books and with much practice. His engineering education has allowed him to easily learn the technical part of digital photography. He acquires his artistic knowledge from reading many books written by authors such as Scott Kelby, Tim Fitzharris, and John Shaw. The most important part of being an artist of photography for Bob is expressing his inner feelings while having fun. He believes fine art photography should draw from our emotions.

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