Featured Artist: Lourdes Bielsa

Lourdes is an artist that is new to northern Vermont, but her paintings of birds and local wildlife can be appreciated no matter where you live. See more of Lourdes's work at Staart here.

Lourdes's bio:
Lourdes Bielsa moved to Swanton Vermont from St. Petersburg Florida in October 2007. She was born and raised in South America. Some of her early memories are from hiking in the mountains and sensing the force of life in the Cloud Forest. She came to the United States to pursue her degree in Wildlife Ecology at the University of Florida. It was there she began to feel the need to depict the beauty of nature through images and color. Her mother and grandfather were both visual artists, always with a brush or a pencil in hand. They painted portraits, boats, and houses. However, it was animals and landscapes that capture Lourdes’ passion. Painting wildlife is Lourdes’ way to portray and share what she feels is beautiful and truthful in the world. Her favorite subjects are birds of the wild, because of their beauty and freedom. Watercolor is her favorite medium because it is transparent, fluid, and spontaneous in its nature. She is looking forward to capturing Vermont’s natural beauty through her watercolors. Lourdes has exhibited her work in various wildlife art shows in Florida. Some of her paintings have won awards in the Tampa Bay area, where she has sold many prints and paintings.

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