Featured Artist: Robert Malbon

Bob Malbon is one of the few artists we have on display who is not currently a local. Although he resides in Maine, he's no stranger to the Vermont landscape…especially the bird's eye view. Bob frequents the Quechee Balloon Festival to capture his striking images of hot air balloons now on display in the gallery. You can see more of Bob's work at Staart here and visit his website to see even more.

Bob's bio:
"I started with photography in college with a 35mm camera loaded with Kodachrome aimed at sporting events. I soon upgraded to a Nikon F with better glass and B&W film. A workshop with Lee Parks taught me the Zone System. When I became the darkroom manager at the Project, Inc., a Cambridge MA art school, I was provided the opportunity to do a 4x5 workshop with Minor White. That opened the door to teaching darkroom techniques and the Zone System. While working for several years in advertising photography, I also focused on architectural projects. After moving from Boston to rural Maine, I was without access to a darkroom and drifted away from photography and into cabinet making. There I stayed for 30 years! Digital came to the rescue and today I am rediscovering the pleasure I used to find in hunting down the perfect photograph. I have always been intrigued by the beauty of wild creatures and the wildscapes here in New England. Currently I am spending part of my photography time here in Vermont working on several ongoing projects for Vermont Life magazine. When at home on the Maine coast, I look for the perfect wildlife photo opportunities."

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