Featured Artist: David Juaire

Many people will probably recognize the name and the work of David Juaire. David has been an area landscape photographer for many years and his work has been frequently published in the pages of Vermont Life Magazine. See the work David has on display at Staart here.

David's bio:
David Juaire was born and raised on a dairy farm in Franklin County. “I have always appreciated the beauty and solidarity of the remote pastoral scenes, rolling meadows, stony pastures, stone walls, back roads, woods and babbling brooks. I purchased a 35mm camera 28 years ago and I taught myself by reading books, magazines and just experimenting with different films, lenses, lighting and especially god’s gift to recognize a scene that would make a good photograph. Ten years ago I bought a used 2 1/4 format camera which took me to another level and encouraged me to be more artistic. My interest in photography kept growing as I was selling photographs to Vermont Life Magazine that were featured in the magazine’s pages, calendars and other publications. I have also sold many calendar pictures to the Co-Operative Insurance Co. I recently purchased a 10 megapixel camera. Although a former film diehard, digital photography has allowed me to experiment and continue my growth as an artist. There is no end in sight to learning about photography. “


Donutrun said...

David Juaire is a remarkable photographer - his Vermont images are outstanding.

Staart Gallery said...

He is talented and such a great humble guy after having been shooting for so many years!