Mary Ann showing at Emile Gruppe

May 18, 2009 
Emile Gruppe Exhibit

Gruppe acceptance list: Thirty-one out of 48 artists' paintings were accepted. Congratulations all!

Kathleen Berry Bergeron, Abundance
Mary Ann Godin, Ironstone Pitcher on Parlor Cloth
Nancy Stone, Sonata Glow
Penny Moore, Stormy Cosmos
Cheryl Johnson, Country Colors
Robert O'Brien, Leaf Shadows
Patricia Lipinski, Reflections
Beatrice Jillette, Winter Trail
Grace Ellis, Lily Pond Star
Gary Eckart, Winter Gardens
Kristen Chamberlain, Sugaring Time
Diana Dunn, Mother's Day
Doris Ingram, Along Rte 100
Nancy Aitken Ball, Reminiscence
Diane Bell, Ellery's Porch
Harry Dayton, Crows in the Corn
Lisa Forster Beach, Spring by the River
Patrick Kennedy, Fall Snow Storm
Judson Pealer, Island's Edge
Sandra Pealer, Within and Without
Louisa Pfaelzer, Pansy Spring
Claudia Carl, Fruit Bowl
Jan Avery, Near the Pond
Laurence Coffin, Tulips
Lyn DuMoulin, Goshen House
Mark Nielsen, Holyoke Alley
Theresa Somerset, Little Thief
Karen L. Casper, Church Street
Terry Hodgdon, Budding Artist
Annelein Beukenkamp, The Conversation
Suzanne Clark, Flower-Power

Opening Reception: Sunday, May 31, 2009, 6 - 8 pm.

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