Artist: Tinka Theresa Martell

Sharing a display wall with previously featured artist Lisamarie Charlesworth and soon-to-be featured Longina Smolinksi, Tinka Martell exhibits a series of works of mixed media on handmade paper. Her designs present a relationship between both delicate and dominant materials with the use of copper foil, acrylic paint, ink and glass bead. The series is definitely worth a look!

"Everything I see in my world filters into my work as an artist: landscapes, clouds, the composition of my stone walls, arrangements of special items on a shelf. I work with several media including wood, paper and canvas. I also use many recycled and found objects. Mostly, I enjoy working with small scale collage, especially playing with copper leaf and ink. My large scale works are often three dimensional, and my medium varies. In the past I have incorporated bold colors, using lots of black to define my shapes. I create large asymmetrical compositions, adding hammered copper plate to imply a solid feeling. Now, I gravitate to layers of soft muted colors blending paint until the right color arrives. My home and studio are in Fairfax, VT. I find that working in the evening allows me the time to relax and to step back from work that is in progress. Ultimately, a piece is not complete until in ‘feels right’. In my studio setting, which is very much in the country, my environment can inspire the finished product. I have been working as an artist for twenty years. I have shown my work in New Mexico, New England and recently been accepted in online galleries from MA to Canada."

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