Artist: Jane Bower

It's time to introduce some of the new artists displaying work at Staart for our summer season! We'll start off with Jane Bower. See her bio below and visit her page to see more of her work.

"Jane Bower began her life in Woodstock, VT and moved to Pittsford, NY when her father continued his professional photography career at Eastman Kodak in Rochester. Both parents encouraged her interests in music and art. When Jane retired from a 20-year teaching career, she returned to study art. Jane began her studies with three dimensional design, painting with acrylics, calligraphy, and pottery courses at CCV. She continued with a weekend watercolor course at the Fletcher Farm School, a Chinese ink painting weekend at Shelburne School for the Arts and Crafts and numerous other workshops. Jane is an amateur who enjoys experimenting with mixing many media in the same painting. She loves the flow of watercolors and the boldness and texture of acrylics. Often trees are the subject of her work because of their variety, strength and because to her they represent courage. "

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