I'd like to think that between my three jobs I do a pretty good job of juggling all of my responsibilities, but it seems when receptions occur at the gallery I totally forget I'm a photographer. So that's it, I'll just have to hire someone from now on. Anyone interested in the job will be paid in cheese and crackers.

Anyway, another great time was had by all Friday night. Another big crowd packed the place echoing the sentiment that it's nice to have things like this to do around town. And while my goal is always to help my artists sell their work and market themselves, it's great to see connections being made between people.

Roberto Fitzgerald studies a photograph by Marcin Kropiewnicki.

Towards the end of the night when I finally remembered to take a picture, there were still quite a few people lingering.

Several of my good friends visited from out of town for the occasion so thanks guys! I don't get out much lately so it's great when people come to me!

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