Lisamarie Charlesworth

Lisamarie Charlesworth 
My current work reflects the influence of several winter workshops and a self-challenge to experiment with new materials and techniques, although I still mix and match family treasures with found object. 

Lately, I have been a bit hung up with how the current economic climate mirrors and resonates with elements of the Great Depression. Counting pennies, holding down a decent job and providing food and shelter for our families are basic priorities that have not changed over the decades since the Depression began and ended. I look at the current “economic downturn” as less of a crisis; rather, a wake up call to us about what should be important in life. As my brother Tim is so fond of saying, “Less is more.”

Almost all of the pieces I made draw inspiration from an ongoing fascination with the past. I grew up hearing stories about the “good old days” from my grandparents, aunts and uncles, many of whom were first and second generation hard-working Americans who lived through both World Wars and the Depression. They saved everything…old papers, greeting cards, books, kitchen and instruction manuals, advertising and design samples, boxes, containers, tools and of course string. Their experiences and tangible remnants from their lives form the fabric of my personal history. Their stories surface continually in my work.

I have spent almost 20 years in marketing and public relations for non-profit arts organizations. Currently, I am employed as the Marketing Director for the very active Vermont Youth Orchestra Association. When not promoting concerts, I make art. I studied studio art and art history at Trinity College, the L’universite de Besançon, France and the University of Vermont and New York. Originally from Buffalo, New York, I have lived in St. Albans for the past seven years.

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