From Staart Artist Jen Kristel

Learning the Art of Playback Theatre!
Spring Series Tuesday evenings
Saturday Playback Samplers 

In these workshops we will play, awaken our senses, exercise ourselves as artists and humanitarians, practice compassionate listening, and learn the fundamentals of Playback Theatre. PT is an interactive, improvisational theatre form used to illuminate life and incite dialogue. In Playback theatre, personal life stories are shared by audience members and then re-enacted spontaneously on stage by a team of actors and a musician. It is an educational and curative form of entertainment now practiced far and wide in over 50 countries. We will explore these themes through learning the art of improv theatre, practice its forms and listen to our own stories. This workshop is recommended for performers, teachers, educators, activists’ social workers, policy makers, and everyone else. Please wear loose clothing.

Tuesdays: 6:30-9pm


6 Tuesdays $85.00($15.00 ea)
Saturdays $80.00(or $45.00 ea.) 

Tuesdays: Saturdays:
April 11
April 28 May 9
May 12, 26 June 20
June 9, 23 

Led by Jen Kristel, M.A. Jen is a expressive arts therapist, and teaches Playback and the expressive therapies locally and internationally. She is the director of Vermont Playback Theatre Company.

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