Going Forward

Here's a photo from last night's reception at the gallery. As usual, we had a great crowd and artists and spectators alike seemed to enjoy themselves. 

I mentioned to the crowd last night that it's great to see our little local arts movement really picking up momentum. Between the various organizations, small group gatherings, galleries and public spaces that display art we've really got something here. The recent Seven Days article on Staart mentioned all of these places and hopefully took us one step further in establishing ourselves on the art map. 

From here, I think it's important that we all really collaborate to keep this momentum going. We can all still have our little individual goals, but by working together more it can only help all of us. St. Albans and the surrounding area has always struggled to find its identity…to figure out what to do with a changing rural landscape, shifting economics, and amidst a changing relationship with the rest of the world. Maybe we're finally finding our place…

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