Artist Opportunity - NMC

I want to start publishing information on public art opportunities around town so that artists know what places are available for them to show. There's probably more places out there than you think! Hopefully this will be a useful tool for artists looking for ways to get their work out there.

The first space that I'll mention is the art wall up at Northwestern Medical Center. There are actually two different spots available for display, one run by Volunteer Services Manager Dolly MacNeil and the other managed by Linda Brunelle.

MacNeil's wall has been around for 15 years and provides space for up to 10 pieces of any size in a high-traffic hallway of the hospital. Art is hung on a monthly rotation. There is no cost to exhibit and while you can't display the pieces' prices, they can be sold through MacNeil who needs an inventory and price list from the artist. You can display tags with your name and phone number.

Brunelle's wall is a new addition and is located closer to patient rooms so that they and their guests can see the work. I don't have many details yet about the policies for this wall so one would have to check in with Linda for further information for now.

Both walls have been featured in the past in the St. Albans Messenger as well as the hospital's own publications. If you're looking for a space that gets lots of exposure, then this is the place.

For further information, contact Dolly MacNeil 802-524-1055.

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