The Gala

Well, the St. Albans Artists Guild annual show and gala has come and gone again and it was another great year. Well, actually if you're reading this right now, you still have until 4:00 to get your keister up to the St. Albans Historical Museum to see the show. All the work is new, so you're guaranteed to see work you've never seen before. As usual, it's a great display!

David Juaire took some pics during the gala (I was happy he did so that I had more hands for eating and drinking). I thought I would share a couple and eventually there will be a slideshow on the guild's website. I must say the wine (really) flowed and the canolis were unbelievable! It was so fun to get out and chat with everyone. Job well done, especially to Sheri Moore and Karen Day-Vath who helped pull it all together.

I especially liked this one of Corliss looking guilty! Hey, I didn't stray too far from the food table all evening.

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