Featured Artist: Mary Fletcher

Mary's photographs depict a range of subject matter, but some of my favorites are her abstractions. See Mary's work at Staart here.

Mary's bio:
Born in Burlington Vermont, Mary Fletcher came to Franklin County in the early 1980’s to settle and raise a family. Photography has always been one of Mary’s passions, having purchased her first 35mm camera at age 16. Mary’s many interests are shared by her 4 children, including photography. “One of my greatest pleasures is spending time with my children (all grown now) and enjoying their many interests. From them, I have learned so much!” Mary currently attends Woodbury College, where she is pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Advocacy/Prevention. In addition to attending school, Mary also works as the Office Administrator at RE/MAX Destinations in St. Albans Vermont. “When time allows, I enjoy travelling, gardening and taking aerial photos with my best friend Jeff as pilot. I have learned so much about myself through my photography, and I am grateful for the support from all of my friends in my endeavors.”

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