Featured Artist: Deborah Benoit

Deborah could be labeled as a photographer and digital artist. She refines colors and adds textures to her photographs to produce some interesting results. See samples of Deb's work in the Staart store or visit her personal site.

Deborah's bio:
“I grew up in Burlington, Vermont and where I also attended high school. I was married at an early age, had two daughters who have given me 7 grandchildren. I have always liked taking pictures. The passion for photography wasn`t there when I was younger like it is now at an older age. Now at the age of 59 it is something that I love and try to do as much as possible. I am a very passionate self-educated amateur photographer with a variety of subjects in my photos. I carry my digital camera most places I go as there could be a photo opportunity anywhere. For me, photography is seeing what you can create with the camera. It is creating art. I constantly strive to improve my talent to become a better photographer than I am now. In the process I am having a wonderful time being creative and nurturing my soul. It makes me happy to bring joy to someone who has viewed my art and has felt something. I sometimes use Photoshop to enhance a photo I have taken to help to make it look more like a painting. I am now living in Williston, Vermont.

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