Featured Artist: Karen Day-Vath

Karen Day-Vath is a versatile artist who displays a wide range of talent. Equally impressive is her involvement in the area arts community to which she is an active member. See the work Karen has at Staart here and visit her website here.

Karen Day-Vath is a self taught artist working in oil and acrylics. Karen was born in New York City and grew up in Manhattan. She lived in Staten Island until moving to Vermont in 1995. While living in Staten Island she gained an interest in oil painting but the priorities of job and family forced her to stop. In 2002 she decided to explore the world of oils once more and in the past two years she has been working with acrylics and mixed media. Karen enjoys painting abstracts that are bold and bright, and believes that color matches the spirit and emotions. She states, “I love bright and bold colors and it seems I cannot get away from them. No matter how subdued the colors are when I begin to work, the color always takes over. My work is more expressionism than anything else. I like the creativity of experimentation and the freedom of expression that I feel when I paint an abstract and as the paint goes on the canvas it begins to come together.” She also enjoys painting florals and landscapes on occasion and loves impressionistic works, especially those of Monet and Van Gogh.


bridgetz said...

I have the Palette that she painted, it is beautiful, and I love it!

Staart Gallery said...

She is a very talented artist…I love bold colors!